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This new build addition to the Donghua University Campus in the Changning District of Shanghai, creates new facilities for the Fashion Design Department, as well as a new public green space in the triangle formed between Kaixuan and Yangzhai roads. The arrangement of the three tiered buildings was informed by involved diagrammatic and volumetric explorations of the site and surrounding area, the traffic flow and permeability of the site, as well as the overall climatic conditions, resulting in the streamlined shapes of the buildings. These are connected together by tall glass atriums that serve to enhance the natural daylight and natural ventilation of the inner spaces, which comprise of studio workshops, administration offices, boutiques and cafes.  


Orientated around a circular green space, the ‘heart’ of the design, there is a particular focus on the outdoor catwalk and new public green spaces. The roofs of the three buildings are terraced and also landscaped to create extra outdoor areas. The buildings themselves typify a_a&d’s approach to passive sustainable design, working with the conditions of the local microclimate and using a variety of simulations to optimize natural daylight and ventilation and maintaining a comfortable environment inside all year round.







Yangzhai Road, Shanghai

10,150 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Under Construction

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