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Zhaofeng Plaza

Zhaofeng Plaza came to us as a large mall project that was already designed and fairly far through the Chinese schedule for the realization of proposals of this scale. The developers wanted to convert it from an outdoor courtyard style mall into an indoor space, establishing a more stable temperature and a better controlled and comfortable interior environment. We submitted to them a comprehensive environmental report making use of day-lighting analysis, thermal modeling and CFD wind analysis alongside local climate data. This information was then applied and directly informed key changes in the re-design.


The enclosed atrium and entrances were designed to limit the number of hours over 30°C to less than 1% of annual occupied hours and maintain a space above 12°C and to maximize the difference between internal and external air temperatures. This ensures that the internal space is always cooler than external in Summer and warmer than external in Winter. The addition of a night purge strategy has a small effect on the peak temperatures in either summer or winter but does have a significant effect on mid-season temperatures, using the thermal mass in the building to absorb heat during the day.









Huaqiao, Kunshan, Jiangsu

55,000 m²

Feasibility Study to Construction

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Study 2014

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