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Yan'an Circus Offices

Located close to the Yan'an Elevated Road in downtown Shanghai, this site is a former circus school, and is comprised of a number of buildings varying in size, condition and historical significance. The initial phase of the redevelopment focused on three buildings, close together but not linked in any significant way, and the brief was to connect these buildings to form a cohesive boutique office. Between the two biggest buildings stands a large tree. The design grew around the idea of preserving this tree and making it the focal point of the offices.  The two buildings are thus connected via a series of bridges, which form the central circulation, and wrap around the natural form of the tree.


The northern entrance has been strengthened through the exaggeration of the contrast between the horizontality of the main façade against the elongated forms of approach area, where lengthened windows and lines inspired by early 20th century art nouveau enforce the tower like form. Solar shading on the south facade and optimized window sizes in the North facade ensure a pleasant and less energy intensive office environment.










Yan’an Middle Road, Shanghai

1,370 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Under Construction

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