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XingYuan Boutique Offices

In Shanghai’s Zhabei District a former knife factory has been given a new lease on life. The historically industrial area is in the process of regeneration; heavy industry is being moved further out of the city and is being replaced by offices and high tech industry, another chapter in Shanghai’s complex urban story. Though the industrial functionality of the buildings’ original state is clear, aesthetic qualities are hidden behind years of neglect. The brief was to create a landmark for the Zhabei District, a symbol of its new urban identity.


The four buildings on the site which were previously linked together by outdoor lanes and perilous walkways are united as one whole. Two large atriums run through the site linking the buildings visually and physically. The atriums capitalize on natural daylight and natural ventilation, establishing a comfortable environment which minimizes the energy consumption of lighting and air conditioning. The addition of two mezzanine floors, makes the most of the high ceilings of the ground and second floor, increasing the amount of usable office space. The North-West façade, which overlooks the hustle and bustle of Zhongxing Road, is ornamented by thin metalwork and tumbling vegetation which recalls New Orleans’ French quarter, while earthy reddish paint with white accents transforms the previously dowdy grey of the facades into something that stands out. The custom tiles and reclaimed wood of the interior lines large glazed offices, tied together with tastefully minimal and thoughtful detailing.




Zhongxing Road, Shanghai

5,000 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Completed 2015

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