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Wine Connection

Wine Connection, a relaxed dining and wine bar, is located in the CentralPod Design Center, a stone’s throw away from Jing’an Temple. The Wine Connection was conceived with wine bottles as the central theme, and combines the functions of a bar, restaurant, show room, and wine shop in one space. A central glass ‘Wine Library’ is the focal point of the space, allowing for over 2,000 bottles to be displayed. The wine racks, constructed from laser-cut metal trays and glass panels, form temperature-controlled rooms, and allows for bottles to be stacked in an array of formats.


The rustic décor, from the exposed brick walls, simple hanging bulb light fixtures, and repurposed wine casks serving as display tables, lends itself to a truly authentic experience. Floors, tabletops and the bar counter are made using wood recycled from old Shanghainese lane houses, and the bricks are re-used after demolishing walls inside the main building. The street-front wall is made up of sliding glass panels, which not only flood the space with natural light, but also allows for outdoor dining in the warmer months. The spacious, yet intimate setting transforms a simple bottle of wine into a perfect dining experience. 









Yuyuan Road, Shanghai

175 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2012

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