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VERSOLSOLAR is a large solar panels company based in Hangzhou. This refurbishing of their office space utilizes natural daylight and well considered spatial planning in order to reduce its consumption of artificial lighting. The most commonly used areas are exposed to the greatest amount of daylight and have a direct visual connection to the outdoor environment. Lesser used areas or areas requiring less light make use of residual spaces in order to maximize occupancy yet maintain a high level of comfort. Another strategy of VERSOL’s offices was to establish a homely office environment, allowing staff to feel comfortable while working.


Two large open plan office floors are interspersed with glazed meeting rooms with various sizes of bamboo tables, an informal meeting room space, a kitchen/entertainment room and a dozen private offices all of which have a recycled wood floor. Greenery is used throughout the floor plan to provide both better indoor air quality and a more natural and soothing atmosphere, the open plan desk layout is punctuated by planters. Common areas become ‘living rooms’ allowing the office workers to relax and socialize together, creating a sense of team bonding between coworkers. Shared spaces on each floor help unite the two separate floors and their respective teams. 







Nanhuan Road, Hangzhou

1,600 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2012

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