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Turks and Caicos Condominium

This new-build condominium is located in the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean. Built for the American market, the six story high building is a stones throw from the sea allowing for spectacular ocean views. Due to the climate all the windows are shaded by both vertical and horizontal shading depending on their aspect, this and an atrium in the center helps to stabilize the interior temperature throughout the year.


Accessed in typical American style by a covered drop off bay, the entire first floor is completely open to the outside and is punctuated by pilotis. The spacious lobby is centered around a circular reception desk, the open layout establishing unobstructed lines of sight through the building and out to the pool and the sea. A criss-crossing stair winds up through the building around a diamond shaped atrium, allowing light to penetrate every floor, minimizing the area needed for circulation space and reducing the need for artificial ventilation and lighting in it. Outside there is a volleyball court and a pool, the poolside area extending under the building and housing a generous bar, while local trees provide shade and visual interest.









Turks and Caicos

4,285 m²

Feasibility Study


Completed 2013

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