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The Pangolins

this series of residential buildings sits on the bank of Lake Turynsky. The form, materiality and layout of the buildings all follow directly from micro-climate and macro-climate specific analysis. Using parametric design in parallel with a litany of environmental simulation software, the absolute minimum energy consumption possible was reached, yielding an architectural and special quality specific to the site.


Using local materials and low cost low energy prefabrication the environmental and monetary costs of construction were kept as low as possible. The project is composed of a series of aedicule, each one designed to directly collect the sun’s rays, utilize natural ventilation for cooling and control thermal stability in the winter using thermal mass. The result of this is an energy consumption of 3.9kWh/m2 per year for heating and cooling. This project aims to challenge the architectural process by developing an integrated approach for a design solution which respects the environment and optimizes energy consumption in residential buildings through the defining of a series of ideal construction methods and conditions in a specific location.  The basis of this project is the environment, and it is through a thorough investigation of the surroundings, that an architecture was formed.








Srby, Czech Republic

2,600 m²



Completed 2009

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