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TaiKang Terrace Coffee Booth

Located in a more secluded offshoot of Shanghai’s iconic Tianzifang shopping area, this micro sized coffee booth brings seesaw’s signature quality coffee to a new audience. Coffee is sold from a hole in the wall at the intersection of two lanes at the ground floor of a recently refurbished 2,800m2 four story factory building dating back to 1951.


The tiny space, originally cramped kitchen barely big enough for one person to cook comfortably, is filled with waves of laser cut brass shelves and surfaces from floor to ceiling which display cups, coffee beans and other products and maximize the amount of space available for coffee preparation. A black metal frame articulates the booth’s window, allowing prices and coffee varieties to be written on it in chalk, a bigger wave of metal shelters the customer from rain while they order and the whole booth shuts down into a nondescript part of the wall when it is closed.













Jian’guo Middle Road, Shanghai

4 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2013

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