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Suzhou Creek

Originally a composed of warehouses and offices, this large scale compound in the North of Shanghai is being transformed into a large scale mixed use development housing upscale retail, F&B and boutique offices. Three buildings varying in height surround a courtyard that is open to the street. Passive sustainable design is utilized site-wide, serving the purpose of reducing running costs and the need for artificial lighting and ventilation and at the same time making the project interesting architecturally.


Solar shading stabilizes the interior temperature year round and also helps to articulate each window and opening, the bold yellow color brings coherence to the development’s building’s inconsistencies in style and scale. After running daylight simulations we saw that one atrium in each building was necessary to prevent large areas of darkness at their center so the offices orient themselves around these atria, the floors connected by grand staircases. The courtyard itself is bordered by an arcade containing shops and restaurants with outdoor seating spilling into it and is dotted with several ginkgo trees.










Shanghai, China

29,300 m²

Feasibility study


Concept Design 2014

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