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Our challenge is to simultaneously achieve the following results

Our Services


Fields of Work in Architecture: & skills

  • Project design for public, residential, commercial, health, educational, transport, and other buildings

  • Renovation and retrofit

  • Feasibility and preliminary studies

  • Concept and detailed design

  • Interior design

  • Energy efficiency and environmental design

  • Building construction

  • Master planning

  • Product design

  • Quality control

  • 3D Visualization


Fields of Work in Energy Efficient Design

  • Building physics

  • Day lighting

  • Renewable energies

  • Natural ventilation

  • Energy concept (including retrofit and renovations)

  • Planning of energetic efficiency improvements in buildings

  • Project design for new or renovated buildings (research, energetic simulations, modeling, technical development)

  • Innovative energy developments in industrial processes

  • Energy management and energy optimization

  • Design and execution of district heating systems

  • Certification (LEED, HQE, Minergie, Minergie-P, Minergie ECO, BREEAM)

  • Applied Research 

  • Involved in national energy programs (E2000, SuisseEnergie)


Simulation Tools

  • FLOVENT: Simulation software designed to calculate 3D airflow and heat transfer in buildings

  • TRNSYS: Simulations of energy systems (solar energy, heat recuperation, and building dynamic energy production networks)

  • HEAT 2D-3D: Heat transfer simulation software

  • SUNEYE: Program for building visualization taking into account the path of the ray of sunlight, depending on season and time

  • CGF: Simulation (co-generation) and optimization of combined heat and power depending on the heat demand, electricity demand, regulation, and heat stock.

  • RELUX: Program for simulation of day-lighting in rooms

  • COMIS: Simulation of airflow in buildings depending on temperature and wind

  • STAPAS: Natural ventilation design program for atriums, markets, premises, etc.

  • RECUP: Simulation of ventilation and heating technical devices and buildings, depending on the operating modes and climate

  • MODPAS: Nodal dynamic simulation

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