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SeeSaw Training Academy

The Seesaw training academy is situated in the annex of CentralPod in the Jing’an District of Shanghai. Closely linked to the coffee shop in the main CentralPod building which acts as the place trainees can start to apply their skills, the academy teaches the methods of how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee: siphoned, hand pressed or the more conventional hand pulled espresso. The baristas they train can then go on to work in the ever expanding series of boutique ‘Seesaw’ coffee shops.


The space is situated at the mouth of one of Shanghai’s distinctive ‘Longtang’ amongst a small cluster of one story buildings with the tiled roof typical of Chinese residential architecture. Inside is an office separated from the spacious training room by a glazed all. In the training room the coffee shop equipment is laid out for practical lessons, the recycled wood floors and simple white walls and black painted metal window frames recall the main CentralPod building while the furniture is move-able into a variety of configurations for a lectures, tutorials and practical courses.










Shanghai, China

130 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2013

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