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This ‘4 kanthof’, literally meaning a 4 sided courtyard, is typical of the Burgenland region in Austria. It was originally built in the late 1870’s, with the last major renovation having taken place in 1932. The house is intended as a family base for a couple who live abroad but who intend to retire to the region in the coming years. The house has been conceived as a flexible space, which allows for a multitude of functions for which it will be used: family house, bed and breakfast, holiday let and yoga retreat.


The house has been functionally divided to create 4 separate apartments, each accessible from the central courtyard. Materials remain true to the style of the house, traditionally made up of natural stones, bricks and timber. Original beams have been restored and left exposed, new staircases have been added to the previously inaccessible but very large attic spaces. The new spaces have been conceived to allow maximum natural light in each of the large rooms. The courtyard remains the heart of the building, the central meeting space for family and friends.










Burgenland, Austria

430 (1,200 landscaping)

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2010

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