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Rose Paradise

Situated in the heart of Shanghai’s Hongqiao district, this bold new addition to the Xianxia Lu bar scene is definitely the odd one out among its wood-clad neighbors. The façade’s tall folding glass doors open fully onto the street, allowing for outdoor seating in warmer months, while the soft lighting and movement from inside can be seen through the glazing, distinguishing it from the places around it and enticing customers inside. The tall and narrow interior is capitalized on by the addition of a mezzanine, creating a cozy seating area, along with a narrow catwalk overlooking the hustle and bustle of the bar.


Underneath, a procession of laser cut metal seating weaves its way towards the entrance, the profile of the seats curve subtly towards the wall and their lines extend into a diamond-shaped grid storing wine bottles above the heads of the patrons. Behind the long bar, made of thick reclaimed wood on a concrete base, a geometric system of metal shelving backed by mirrors stretches up to the high ceiling. The material palate of metal, wood and concrete establish an industrial aesthetic, offset by warm lighting, colorful furnishings, the eponymous roses and the personal touches of the owners. 









Xianxia Road, Shanghai

68 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2014

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