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Riverfront Flour Mill

Located in the new central hub of Wenzhou, to the east of the city’s historical center and bisected by a river, this massive redevelopment of a former flour mill is comprised of a series of industrial and non-industrial buildings which vary in age and appearance and large group of silos. The initial stages of the project were very much master-planning focused with different options proposed primarily engaging with how to reunify the site which was fractured by the river and its industrial scale and re-imagining the function of the existing buildings.


With a lot of space between buildings we saw a many opportunities for landscape design interventions, to increase the quality of the space with parks, a piazza, pedestrian streets and a better organized parking and circulation system as well as a bridge to link the two halves of the site together. Site-wide a mix of ground materials and porosity establishes a system of sustainable drainage. The buildings themselves are mixed use, creating a diverse space made up of F&B, offices, galleries and museums and a hotel, all surrounding a ‘retail core,’ while the sites aesthetic strengths like key views, the riverfront and industrial elements are incorporated and emphasized.









Oujiang Road, Wenzhou

11,000 m²

Feasibility study


Completed 2012

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