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Red Sun Wood Stair

The project, located in the headquarters of a wood manufacturer in Wenzhou, involves the creation of a new stair in an existing building undergoing renovation. The stair forms a unique connection between the entrance and the upstairs lobby and showrooms. The existing staircase is hidden, dysfunctional and unremarkable, the new design opens up a triple height space housing a grand spiral staircase curving behind the building's elevator and circling around to meet the next floor, where the form is repeated.


The design concerns a transitional space. Moving through the entrance and circulation to the lobby and showrooms takes the visitor on a journey through the manufacturing process, from the ceiling branch installation to the polished end product in the showroom. Metal forms the handrail and the edge of the wooden steps creating a fluid form which connects to the existing stair. The opening up of the stairwell allows for the windows in front of the stair to span the full floor to ceiling height, making it visible from the lane outside and bringing in as much daylight as possible. The West-facing orientation of the window, however, necessitates vertical shading to keep the temperature consistent. Two of the five windows are open-able from the top of each flight of stairs, naturally ventilating the stairwell.







Yang’er Road, Wenzhou

30 m2

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2013

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