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Project Wine

In Project Wine on Xiangyang Road, Shanghai, one enters into a double height lounge area, where the eye is drawn to the gantry above and back into the space toward the bar at the far end. The mezzanine itself is used to support over 3,000 bottles of wine on a laser cut metal rack specially designed to maximize storage. With a clean industrial feel of concrete floors inlaid with a metal pattern, cement walls, exposed ceilings highlighted by the silvered metallic vents, and the bright red fire hose and pipes that give the space a splash of color.


The cement floor flows up to form the bar itself which forms the heart of Project Wine, and is backed by a specially designed metal shelving system continuing the geometric theme as it zigzags up the staircase doubling as a handrail leading to the upper seating area. There, the mood changes from industrial to cozy, with recycled wood floors, soft lighting, and VIP seating tucked between the beams. The façade to the street opens fully to the outside, and the soft afternoon sunlight bathes the front area, making a perfect setting for an after work glass of wine.











Xiangyang Road, Shanghai

125 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2012

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