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Paramount Department Store

This department store is located on Nanjing Road, Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, next to Jing’an temple. Four floors are fully glazed, parts of the facade stepping in and out and creating void spaces occupied by outdoor staircases and vegetation. The glazing differentiates itself from the shops around it by way of its black painted metal grid; consistent spaced vertical elements intersect inconsistency placed horizontal elements.


Large scale banners covering parts of the facade reveal changing exhibits and promotions, these are perforated to allow light into the South-facing stores, but not enough light to let them overheat in the summer. The terrace areas on the second floor contain elements of urban farming, tomatoes grow, adding some natural colors and interest to the facade and provide a unique ingredient for the restaurants inside, next to these huge black helicoidal stairs provide access to the floors above.












Shanghai, China

2,500 m²

Feasibility study 


Concept Design 2012

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