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Oyster House

Located on Yuyuan Road in Shanghai’s Jing’an neighborhood, The Oyster House offers patrons as its name implies, fresh, delicate oysters from around the world. It is marked at street level by its iconic round blue sign, and the cast iron door handle with its circle and lined pattern evoking the pearl motif. Upon entering the space, patrons are greeted by the rich, adobe-red walls that match elegantly with the Middle Eastern style floor tiles and raw wood floors, reclaimed from old Shanghai Lane houses.


A large wrap-around bar serves as the hinge for the whole space; below the wall size menu, a massive metal ice basin triumphantly displays the rocky mollusks, while also keeping them chilled and fresh. The rack above the bar is composed of intricately laser cut metal wrapped around shelves and are recalled in the unique wall lighting. A large angled mirror against the bar’s back wall allows patrons to witness the shucking and plating process from any area of the restaurant. The open glass facade floods the room with natural light during the day, and provides a moving showcase of Shanghai’s bustle by night, creating a complete sensory experience for any seafood lover. 









Yuyuan Road, Shanghai

130 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2013

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