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Ascendas Lotus Business Park

This distinctly shaped glass clad building serves as the focal point of a brand new office complex in the Pudong district of Shanghai. Initially built as gallery space with a long spiraling ramp leading visitors up through the building, the initial design was ambitious, large glass panel clad forms grow out of a cylindrical form giving the building its name, but it suffered from a lack of usable space.


In order to maximize office floor space the floor plates had to reach the glass structure that enclosed the building we proposed to remove a segment of each of the floor plates to create a large U-shaped atrium. In the middle of this stands a striking circular stair, spanning four floors, which is attached to one of the six large curving columns and leads to a series of balconies that enclose the atrium. The circular space around the building, one floor below ground level, houses retail built on the edge of the vast underground car park, an outdoor seating area shaded by louvers and a custom tile in a complex circular formation links the indoor space with the outdoor space. The rooftop and surrounding landscape are also reinvented, large decked areas provide event space and outdoor seating, new vegetation is introduced and a grand, tree-lined route leads to the building from the car drop-off point.








Naxian Road, Shanghai

3,500 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Under Construction

A main staircase and offices in BaoShan
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