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Keer Flagship Store

Keer is a rapidly growing jewelry brand based in China. Their target demographic is the younger market, feeling the design of their flagship store should be ‘young at heart’, playful and accessible yet still elegant and sophisticated; the design had to reflect the brand identity of their jewelry.


The store is oriented around an octagonal golden mesh cloud emanating from a central jewelry case, the rigid geometry of the square metal tube and glass case transitioning into a curving complex geometry, incorporating the store’s lighting. Angular oblong cases display the jewelry and salespeople mingle amongst the customers, distinguishing this store from the formality of the majority of jewelry stores where the staff and customer are separated by locked glass cases opening on the staff side only, here the customer and salesperson are on the same level.


An informal seating area contributes to the accessibility aspect of the shopping experience, there is no pressure to make a purchase, and customers browse and have space and time to consider what they want. A staircase clad in elegant marble and studded with inset display cases leads customers down into the store which is decked in reclaimed timber, the humble flooring and furniture choices contrast and highlight the cases and their contents. Rather than bombarding you with every conceivable luxurious material in typical Chinese interior design style, this hierarchical approach to materiality picks out what’s important and puts it on display.  


Shanghai, China

400 m²



Concept Design 2013

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