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This restaurant serving organic food and fair trade coffee is located in the commercial area of a residential compound in Liangzhu, an area of historical significance near Hangzhou. The client’s vision for the project was to make a space filled with plants and life to emphasize their organic ethos, and to create a comfortable and secluded environment.


Soft lighting and dark walls juxtapose recycled wood floors and counters. A number of wooden planter boxes are integrated into the furniture and displays with different species of ivy spilling out. Black painted square steel tubes articulate and support the wooden boxes, shelving, counters and tables and bring a sense of geometric order to the natural elements of the restaurant. Two of the walls have long strips of windows, bringing in a natural light and a long counter against one of these, overlooking the pedestrianized street, allows the restaurant’s customers to people-watch. 













Liangzhu, Hangzhou

75 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2015

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