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Julius Meinl Café

Situated in the lobby of an office tower in the Pudong district in Shanghai, the Julius Meinl cafe is the newest addition to the Viennese gourmet coffee company. The cafe serves as the flagship store for the chain in China and as such a lot of their existing branding and motifs were incorporated into our design.


The space was originally a generic lobby dominated by dull colors and furniture. An existing round marble counter forms the base of the point of service and coffee preparation area. Around the edges of the marble swirl red wooden loops circling around to meet the meinl logo, the counter is topped with cast zinc. Above this is a circular brass system of shelves and hanging cups, decorated with laser cut letters hangs from the ceiling, accentuates the shape of the counter. The seating area is framed by banquettes, while cast iron based tables and wooden chairs recall the bustling atmosphere of a Viennese coffee shop. The poetry used by the Meinl brand adorns the windows, columns and table tops, adding to the visually busyness of the design. The seating continues outdoors, punctuated by bright red parasols, and overlooks the wide tree-lined Pudong street.









Pudong South Road, Shanghai

165 m²

Concept design to Construction


Under Construction

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