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JiangYuan Boutique Offices

This mixed use development on ZhouJiaZui Road in the Hongkou District of Shanghai was half constructed when we started working on it. The facade facing the street was completely overhauled, painted in a distinctive bluish green color with white accents, five arcade style shop fronts and one office lobby line the facade, fully glazed to allow passers by to see the activity inside, and a balcony with vegetation runs above them.


The Office lobby houses a metal reception desk and the common spaces of the offices’ floors are lined with custom made tiles while overhead lighting zigzags across the ceiling. The offices themselves are re-subdivided, different sizes and qualities of space allowing for a diverse range of businesses and are all decked with recycled wood. An existing outdoor courtyard with a small curving stair is enclosed to become an atrium and a number of newly decked terraces provide opportunities for the office workers to take a break or stage events.












Zhoujiazui Road, Shanghai

3,725 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Completed 2015

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