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Huaihai Road Lane House

This residence on Huaihai Road is a private home renovation project located on the fourth and fifth floor of a 1930’s lane house in the heart of Shanghai’s Former French Concession. By taking advantage of the large windows, high ceilings and large rooms to maximize natural daylight, and by removing unnecessary additions, the space has been lightened both physically and visually.


The original features of the building such as the round window are highlighted and once again stand out in the space. A brand new kitchen beside a what was previously an outdoor terrace creates an entirely new dining space with large sliding windows which open fully for the hot Shanghai summer. A new bathroom has been installed to increase the comfort of the occupants and what was originally two separate apartments on two separate floors has been joined to make one large habitable home for the new residents.













Shanghai, China

156 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2011

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