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1956 Creative Park

Situated in the new ‘Main Central Hub’ to the East of Wenzhou’s historical centre and close to the Zhejiang Province’s coast, this sprawling complex of streets and buildings covers an area of 35,000 square meters. Currently home to a number of diverse businesses and destinations, the owners wanted to create a more coherent development catering primarily to the booming Chinese wedding industry.  


The initial stages of design were at the master-planning level, working out the functionality of existing buildings, which to preserve, which to demolish, which to modify and where we could integrate new buildings. One of the most important things to introduce were several distinct zones: retail/showroom, F&B and wedding and banqueting spaces with landscape elements, pedestrian, wedding procession and car routes to link them together.












Liming Middle Road, Wenzhou

69,000 m²

Feasibility study/> Construction


Under construction



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