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Grisution Factory and Showroom

Located in the industrial district of downtown Wenzhou, this factory complex is home to a local fashion company. The design brief was to make the buildings less like a factory and more like a showroom, better representing the brand and focused particularly on the facades, front lobby and the courtyard/car park in the center.


The main facades, surrounding the courtyard and facing the road, are painted orange and gray and the windows are shaded by long sweeping alucobond waves which serve to emphasize the lines of the windows, shade the South facing windows and house the unsightly air conditioning units. The new lobby juts into the courtyard, providing a drop off point for cars and supporting a terrace for the second floor lobby. At the ground floor entrance a grand staircase leads visitors up to the reception above. A large elongated circular area at the center of the courtyard pushes car parking to the edges of the site, introducing vegetation and outdoor furniture which curves out of the ground.












Haoxin Road, Wenzhou

14,800 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Under Construction 

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