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CentralPod Jing'an Design Center 

Located on Yuyuan Road in Shanghai’s Jing’an neighborhood, CentralPod offers a unique and contemporary space for creative and commercial use. Repurposing two existing buildings, the entire construction embodies the values of sustainability and energy efficiency through its bold design. With over 3,200m² of space distributed across 52 office units, and 800m² of outdoor roof spaces, CentralPod offers dynamic and intuitive spaces that encourage the flow of both energy and collaboration. A central atrium, created by connecting the two buildings, provides natural light and ventilation throughout the building, with the rooftop garden and café playfully blurring the boundaries between the workplace and the outdoors.


CentralPod uses mostly locally obtained materials, which have been recycled or re-purposed in innovative ways. From the floorboards attained from old Shanghai lane houses, the bathroom partitions made up of leftover scraps set in metal frames, to the specifically designed ZigZag© furniture used in the communal spaces, reuse and refurbishment define the construction and reflect a_a&ad’s unifying philosophy.









Yuyuan Road, Shanghai

4,000 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Completed 2012

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