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Boutique 205

Boutique 205, located on Nanchang Road in Shanghai, is a conversion of 2 semi-detached houses into a niche boutique mini shopping mall showcasing high end fashion. The houses were originally divided up into many small rooms, and our aim was to open up the spaces in order to take advantage of the high ceilings and large windows in the rear, to allow in as much natural daylight as possible.


With unnecessary walls removed, original structural and ornamental features exposed and a minimal design, the spaces are now perfectly suited to the individual occupants of each floor. Simple clothes racks and low industrial style tables give character to the space and organize the shop’s wares, while mannequins allow unique items and combinations of styles to be displayed. The opening between the two original buildings allows a visual connection from the street level into the very back of the store, drawing the shoppers in from the street and leading them into the depths of the Boutique.












Nanchang Road, Shanghai

65 m²

Concept design to Construction


Completed 2011

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