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Baoshan Fudan Creative Park Phase II 

Phase II of the Baoshan Project lies across the Xiaojipu canal from Phase I. The site is composed of two older buildings at the street side with a large area of warehouses and sheds behind. Because of the large area required for office space, our feasibility study had several options, adding floors to the existing buildings, using the existing roofs of the warehouses and creating new walls or creating an entirely new building in their place.


We wanted to preserve the courtyard space already used as loading area for the warehouse but also needed more car parking spaces, the solution we proposed was a centralized parking island surrounded trees and vegetation and a paved pedestrian area between it and the ground floor offices. The facades of the existing building were modified, the windows made bigger and fitted with solar shading and an atrium in the center of the largest building for natural lighting and ventilation and a decked rooftop terrace.












Sanmen Road, Shanghai

20,000 m²

Feasibility study 


Concept Design 2015

A main staircase and offices in BaoShan
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