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Baoshan Fudan Creative Park

This project located near Fudan University, Shanghai, was created from a building originally conceived to house a 25,000 m² supermarket and converts it into a new creative office outlet. The existing space posed many challenges; there were no windows in the 140m long/ 60m wide structure making interior spaces unsuitable for office use. Using the existing structure, a process of subtraction of volumes and surfaces resulted in 2 large atriums and new façade openings to create bright open office spaces and vibrant public areas that are bathed in natural daylight.


Using the atriums optimizes natural ventilation. During the winter sunshine is trapped inside to increase the overall indoor temperature, and in the summer the cool night air is stored in the concrete mass, reducing the overall indoor temperatures. The addition of large terraces to the west façade gives the space a new outdoor leisure area with views over, and connecting to the adjacent river. Areas of the vast roof are dedicated to urban farming and the addition of green walls on both on the exterior façade and the interior atrium areas greatly improves the overall environment and working conditions inside the building.









Sanmen Road, Shanghai

26,000 m²

Feasibility study to Construction


Completed 2014

A main staircase and offices in BaoShan
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